Video Conferencing – Interactive A/V – Surround Sound Audio


The convergence of audio and visual with voice and data has sparked adramatic evolution of audio visual systems into complete network systems. From videoconferencing with multiple screens, microphones and overhead speakers to true stereo surround sound audio conferencing systems. Audio/visual aids and integrative systems are increasingly viewed as necessary business tools, critical to success.

Thankfully, our passion doesn’t end at the home —it simply carries on to our commercial division. From installing dozens of flat-screen TVs and targeted surround-sound systems for a sports bar to enhancing a corporate board room with the latest audio visual presentation services, Advanced Integrated Technologies can help your business perform better, communicate more effectively and enjoy higher customer satisfaction and retention.

With so much to choose from, businesses require a knowledgeable technology partner able to advise them on the type of equipment, technology, and design they will need to optimize usage and meet business objectives. AIT consultants are knowledgeable about the latest A/V tools and technologies, designs and installation techniques. We can also provide counsel on the type, style, and feasibility of integrating more advanced A/V equipment into an existing network.

  • Integrated Audiovisual for conference rooms
  • Broadcast and Video conferencing
  • Integrated control systems
  • Comprehensive presentations systems
  • Integrated classroom technologies


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